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The Gangsta Goddesses Tribe

All the support and ancient secret knowledge you need to make the Twin Flame journey the miracle filled adventure it is meant to be

So you have met your Twin Flame, eh? And now your whole world has been turned upside down. Chances are that after an amazing first connection in which you felt a soul deep bond that was beyond this world, there is trouble in paradise at this moment…

You did nothing wrong. It wasn’t anything you said and there is also nothing wrong with your twin. Things are supposed to be how they are right now, because the Twin Flame journey is so much more than a romantic love affair or even the love of a lifetime.

Hi, my name is Sabriyé Dubrie and I’ m here to help you make your Twin Flame journey the amazing and miraculous adventure it is meant to be.

No matter how long you have been on this journey, things can shift dramatically when you make some necessary inner shifts yourself. You see, what you are witnessing in your outer reality, is merely a mirror of what you hold to be true inside yourself. This is true for every human being, but nobody mirrors you as clearly what still needs to be healed as your Twin Flame. When I am talking about healing, I’m not only talking about the obvious stuff like healing childhood wounds or bad experiences in love. The Twin Flame encounter triggers a healing so deep it will eventually transform your life completely.

This is because the Twin Flame journey is meant to fully align you to living the life your soul has prepared for you. When you can let go of your (ego) illusion of control and surrender to the Divine plan your soul has scripted for this round on planet Earth, the Divine design for your life will manifest in your physical reality. This Divine plan includes health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression, which together brings perfect happiness.

But as you do not trust on this Divine plan being there, you feel the need to micromanage your life and the Twin Flame experience. This brings you out of vibrational alignment to exactly those things you desire the most, including a mutual loving and harmonious union with your Divine counterpart – your Twin Flame.

When exactly the Twin Flame encounter is something that you and your twin planned out together, long before the two of you agreed to meet up in this lifetime. You also chose which challenges you were going to face together, in order to help each other release everything that was keeping you out of alignment with unconditional love and firmly stuck in 3D.

You chose this path, because you both are ready to make the shift to creating heaven on earth.


Are you trying to force a romantic relationship?

When you misunderstand the journey it’s easy to get stuck or give up, because it’s just too painful and too hard. It’s when you try to make the Twin Flame journey into a romantic fairy tale that you run into trouble, because it is meant to be so much more. Romanticizing the process only makes the journey much harder to handle and full of suffering – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Even when your Twin Flame connection started out as a romance before your twin went all weird on you and pushed you away, pulling on your twin or trying to force a romantic relationship only will make your beloved pull back more and more and make your life feel like hell.

I know your deepest desire is to be together with your Twin Flame, but you cannot get to Twin Flame union through anything you do or say in 3D to try and make it happen.

The only way to get there is by taking your focus off of what is going on in your physical reality and to start working on yourself, on your own thoughts, beliefs and actions that are creating the very reality that you are experiencing. When you shift your inner thoughts and beliefs, it shifts your outer reality.

That’s why I created the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe to teach you how to do this, which will help you make your journey less painful and back to the amazing adventure – filled with miracles, that the Twin Flame experience is meant to be.

This is what you get when you become a tribe member:

As a tribe member you get access to my fourteen week online program ‘Align to your Divine Plan, Twin Flame Mastery Program‘ that will give you all the tools you need to create your heaven on earth, with or without your twin. This is the biggest paradox on the Twin Flame journey, when you can be happy with or without your heart’s desire, it will suddenly appear.

Twin Flame union, slides in when you least expect it and don’t crave for it anymore.

This is not something you can fake, it has to be authentic in order for you to become a vibrational match to your heart’s desire. You can’t get here by pretending, because the Universe will simply not budge until you have mastered the lessons you wanted to learn as you’ve moved toward your dream.

As the Twin Flame objective is – to fully align you to your Divine Plan, which also includes perfect love with your Twin Flame, the Align to your Divine Plan, Twin Flame Mastery Program teaches you step by step how to create this alignment. This makes the journey, less rocky, less painful, quicker and above all just so much more easier to understand and fun to be on.

You also get lifetime access to our international Online Twin Community where you can connect to a group of soul sisters from all over the world who are also on this journey. Many Twin Flame stay stuck because they feel they are imagining all this, going crazy etc. connecting to others on this journey shows you that these are all beautiful intelligent women facing the same or very similar challenges as you are. Having a group of soul sisters to cheer you on and to send you love when things are tough can really make a tremendous difference in your personal life and on your journey with your beloved.


What will joining the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe do for you:

  • If you are still in a push/pull, a yes/no, a hot/cold a stop/go or chaser/runner dynamic with your twin – I can help you move past this.
  • If you are in long term separation and want to come back in contact with your twin who doesn’t want to let you in anywhere – I can help you make the shift that will help you reconnect first in 5D and then come back in contact in your physical reality.
  • If you are driving yourself nuts, thinking about your twin 24/7 and obsessing about him or her daily – I can help you find the wounds in yourself that are creating your obsession.

I can help you shift out of all of these uncomfortable states and teach you some amazing tools that will last you a lifetime and you will need them a lifetime, because Twin Flame union is not the end goal that fixes everything. It is the beginning of your journey as a couple and I have spoken to a lot of Twin Flame couples who got into union only to find that there was just more work to do, except now you get to do it as a couple. However, if you trigger the hell out of each other because you didn’t learn the skills needed to maintain union, guess where you will end up? Yup, back in Twin Flame separation.

This journey is not about bending over backwards, grovelling and doing EVERYTHING you can think of to get back with your ex and then all your problems are solved. Uh-uh that is not how this journey goes – you cannot use 3D romantic and dating techniques to get into Twin Flame union. Any form of manipulation, seduction, pushing or pulling will ONLY backfire on you.

You need a whole new set of skills and that is what I will teach you in the Align to your Divine Plan – Twin Flame Mastery Program. The teachings I share with you are based on ancient secret Twin Flame knowledge that was channeled to me to share with the Twin Flame collective.

This is a 14 week online program ONLY accessible to my tribe members. This program helps you shift out of the confusion and pain you are going through and shows you exactly which steps to take to create powerful breakthroughs on your Twin Flame journey, instead of looping back into the same pain over and over again.

You have LIFETIME ACCESS to all the modules, because they are meant to help you not only now – but also in 10 years from now. The stuff I teach you is meant to stay on rinse and repeat in the rest of your Twin Flame journey and life, because ONLY if you keep doing the things that I will teach you, will you keep getting the results that you want.

There will never come a time in your Twin Flame relationship that you can sit back, relax and auto pilot on the 3D way of doing romance and love. Trying to do 3D romance and love in the Twin Flame connection is EXACTLY what brings up push/pull and separation.

This is about changing your lifestyle instead of going on a diet to lose weight and then end up gaining it all back again, once you start eating normal. I am going to teach you how to create lasting results in your Twin Flame connection, by showing you the steps to the transformation process that will shift you out of the ‘normal’ 3D way of looking at life into the 5th dimensional soul truth of how to create heaven on earth, which is every human’s birth right.

So if you are ready to start learning how to make this Twin Flame journey work for you, say YES! now.


The most complete Twin Flame program available 

The Align to Your Divine Plan – Twin Flame Mastery Program is going to:

  • Help you shift out of the runner/chaser dynamic
  • Teach you which wounding get’s triggered on the Twin Flame journey and where to start healing it
  • Teach you how to catch yourself when you are pushing or pulling in 3D on your Twin Flame and how to stop this because it is only making things worse
  • Help you understand how to interpret the signs and syncs that are a major part of the Twin Flame journey
  • Show you how to surrender deeper and deeper until you are really ready to stop checking their Facebook and other social media, trying to get them on the phone, reaching out to them, or prompting them in any other way because you are afraid that if you don’t you will lose your Twin Flame forever
  • Teach you all the 5D work that you can do to end both the runner/chaser dynamic as well as Twin Flame separation
  • Get you to the other side of Twin Flame separation, by putting you on the fast track to working through the lessons and healing that separation comes to teach us (Separation is in fact a time of preparation for union, if you use your time wisely)

  • Show you how to align to the deep love you want to manifest and how to become a perfect match to this
  • Get you in a place where your Twin Flame connection will work for you and truly transform your life
  • Give you the tools to shift out of the 3D logic and ego based way of living into the 5D consciousness and creation of your own heaven on earth
  • Help you step into your own power and highest expression of yourself
  • Give you a road map to navigate the Twin Flame journey
  • Manifest a mutually loving and satisfying relationship with your Twin Flame or someone better

How is this online program offered?

As soon as you have successfully paid for your Gangsta Goddesses Tribe membership you will receive a username and the password you created to login to your private learning environment.

In your private learning environment you will find the weekly modules and the link to the Online Twin Community where you can connect to all the other Tribe and community members spread out all over the world.

Each weekly module comes with:

  • A video on that week’s topic
  • The weekly lesson in PDF workbook format and audio
  • Your week’s homework to help you implement the content of the lesson
  • Weekly affirmations to help you shift your mindset
  • Links to other resources that can help you integrate the weeks lesson even deeper

Everything is accessible through the internet both the online program as the Online Twin Community. You only need a laptop or tablet, an email address, Facebook account and internet to be able to join the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe from anywhere in the world.

Everything you post in the Online Twin Community is ONLY visible to the members of the group and no one outside of the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe or community can ever see what you share. It is a completely safe environment for you to discuss your journey, with people who actually understand what you are talking about.

You can follow the weekly modules in your own time and pace. As you have lifetime access to the modules as well, you can redo any module you want at any time or redo the whole program as often as you like.

Is the Align to Your Divine Plan – Twin Flame Mastery Program right for you?

This is the right program for you if you recognize one or more of the statements below:

  • You have met your Twin Flame and you are currently in a runner/chaser dynamic or in separation
  • You have tried EVERYTHING to make things work with your twin, all the 3D tips and tricks for romance and things didn’t improve or only got worse and you don’t know what to do anymore
  • Your Twin Flame has made a 180 degree turn in his or her feelings for you and you don’t know why. You also can’t seem to get real closure together, which makes it almost impossible to move on
  • You are frustrated and hurt with this whole Twin Flame connection, you are totally obsessed with your twin, you feel rejected, abandoned and yet your twin is on your mind 24/7
  • You have said everything that there was to say, you have done everything to communicate your undying love for your twin and they ignore you, but you still can’t walk away
  • You are so tired of doing this alone, you doubt if you aren’t all just making this up or losing your mind like your friends and family keep making you feel when you try to explain the journey you are on
  • You have managed to make it this far, you feel you are so close – you are back in contact but still can’t come into union together

What makes this program different than other Twin Flame programs available?

There are of course other programs being offered on the Twin Flame subject, some in a similar price range and some much cheaper as they also cover less ground and less support.

This is what makes the Align to Your Divine Plan Twin Flame Mastery Program different:

For Twin Flames who are both embodied

The teachings I share apply to those Twin Flames who are dealing with their twin in the physical reality. Having to deal with their twin’s 3D self and ego consciousness, the advice for these twins is different than to twins who’s counterpart is out of embodiment.

There is much more running and separation going on in twin connections, where both Twin Flames incarnated in the physical, as there is with one twin in Spirit and the other incarnated. This program is for Twin Flame connections here on earth and how to deal with that specific dynamic and how it manifests itself in the physical.

Ancient secret long forgotten Isis & Osiris Twin Flame teachings

The program is created not only from my own personal experience or client experiences, it is based on ancient secret long forgotten Egyptian Twin Flame teachings channeled to me by the Ascended Masters twin couple Isis and Osiris.

These teachings go far beyond the creation of a romantic partnership and concentrate on the complete alchemical transformation, that this journey brings – which includes living your mission, ascending to a 5D based life, developing psychic abilities, balancing your inner feminine and masculine side and so on.

It covers the full journey not just aspects of it

It is the most complete and extensive program out there covering the complete journey and not just certain aspects of it. Each module going in-depth into the teachings of that week, in order to create lasting shifts throughout the complete program. Every module builds on the previous one, giving you a clear road map to the journey and assisting you in your personal alchemical transformation process with your beloved.

Authentic Twin Flame frequency and teachings

The personal experiences I share as examples are based on a true Twin Flame connection and it’s vibrational frequency, many people teaching Twin Flame programs think or claim to be in union with their twin while they are in fact in a mere romantic relationship with someone.

When these relationships bust as many 3D romantic relationships do even between soul mates, they soon claim to be in union again with someone new. Twin Flame union does not equal romantic relationship. As these people are not dealing with the authentic Twin Flame frequency in their own connection, they cannot give you sound advice on your own journey.

They might be able to give you a procedure to come into a physical relationship, but as Twin Flames are meant to be so much more than romantic lovers applying their teachings to your twin connection will not have the desired effect. This is because you are not meant to have a 3d paradigm romantic love relationship with your twin, you are meant to manifest a 5D soul love connection in the physical with your Twin Flame. Twin Flames have come to collapse these old 3D romantic love relationship templates coming from a fear-based love and to bring in new relationship templates based on unconditional love.

Only authentic Twin Flame teachers can pass on this knowledge, because people in 3D romantic relationships have never experienced this dimensional difference of the frequency of love.

A mastermind group to support you and accelerate your growth

Most programs are offered without a support group of like minded people around it.

Famous author Napoleon Hill who wrote Think and Grow Rich writes about the concept of Mastermind alliances which he described as: “A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.”

He believed that a harmonious group of two or more people who come together for a specific purpose, or around a specific topic, bring forth the power of creativity and support that you can’t find when you go it alone. Meaning that Mastermind alliances accelerate the growth of the individuals, by joining forces.

The Gangsta Goddesses tribe comes with an online community with Twin Flames spread out over the globe to support you, cheer you on and to help you keep hope when things are tough.


Is the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe the soul family for you?

The Gangsta Goddesses Tribe is a high vibe community of Twin Flames serious about becoming the highest expression of themselves and coming into union with their beloved. Here are some key phrases that will help you identify if we are the right peepz for you and that also gives you an idea of what you can expect from us.

This is the right community for you when:

  • You are willing to take responsibility for your own life, feelings and experiences
  • You are willing to do the inner work and healing
  • You are willing to be supported on your own your journey and support others in their journeys
  • You bring in a positive and loving vibe most of the time
  • You want to make friends with others on this journey
  • You are willing to try things in a different way
  • You are interested in the spiritual side of the Twin Flame journey
  • You want to learn how to raise your personal vibrational frequency higher
  • You want to create your own heaven on earth which includes a mutual loving relationship with your twin or someone better
  • You want to become the highest expression of yourself

This is NOT the right community for you when:

  • You are stuck in the 3D way of thinking and perceiving reality and not willing to shift your perspective
  • You blame your Twin Flame for not having the romance you want and see yourself as their victim
  • You want to complain and project your pain onto your twin or others
  • You bring in a lot of negativity and unnecessary drama
  • You engage in disrespectful behavior towards your twin, members of our community or people outside
  • You are not willing to do the work
  • You are only interested in having physical union and romance with your Twin Flame
  • You are just trying to get back with your ex

What are you signing up for?

The Gangsta Goddesses Tribe is a real life International community that you can connect with online. As a member you also get lifetime access to the online program Align to your Divine Plan, Twin Flame Mastery Program, with 14 weekly lessons that you can follow in your own time and pace. Each week building on to the next helping you align deeper and deeper to your own Divine Plan.

No matter if you just started your Twin Flame journey or have been on it for a couple of years, doing the Align to your Divine Plan, Twin Flame Mastery Program will help you become the vibrational match to the life that your soul has prepared for you, including a loving harmonious relationship with your Twin Flame or someone better.

When you join the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe you get:

  • Lifetime access to the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe
  • All 14 modules of the Align to your Divine Plan, Twin Flame Mastery Program
  • Lifetime access to the Online Twin Community mastermind group, to support you on your journey




Direct access to the online program1 x Payment of $497Direct contact with other tribe members worldwideGet Started


12 x $47

Direct access to the online program12 x Payments of $47Direct contact with other tribe members worldwideGet Started